R17: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Team variations: (Most Points) - Race 17
Those team variations which would have achieved in a race the most points within the available budget are displayed below.
    Components   + / - Value Cash
Pos. Team Principal Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver 3 Chassis Engine T Pts. [M.] [M.] [M.]
51.Team 95 M.Horner, C.Russell, G.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1150950
52.Team 94 M.Horner, C.Norris, L.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O1150940
53.Team 93 M.Wolff, T.Latifi, N.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1130930
54.Team 92 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1130920
55.Team 91 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O1120910
56.Team 90 M.Horner, C.Magnussen, K.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1120900
57.Team 89 M.Horner, C.Russell, G.Latifi, N.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1100890
58.Team 88 M.Wolff, T.Russell, G.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1090880
59.Team 87 M.Horner, C.Russell, G.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1090870
60.Team 86 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Kvyat, D.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O1070860
61.Team 85 M.Wolff, T.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1070850
62.Team 84 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1070840
63.Team 83 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.WilliamsHonda (Factory engine)O1040830
64.Team 82 M.Wolff, T.Magnussen, K.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.WilliamsHonda (Factory engine)O1030820
65.Team 81 M.Horner, C.Magnussen, K.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.WilliamsHonda (Factory engine)O1030810
66.Team 80 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O1020800
67.Team 79 M.Tost, F.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O1010790
68.Team 78 M.Horner, C.Magnussen, K.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O1010780
69.Team 77 M.Horner, C.Russell, G.Latifi, N.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O990770
70.Team 76 M.Wolff, T.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.WilliamsHonda (Factory engine)O980760
71.Team 75 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.WilliamsHonda (Factory engine)O980750
72.Team 74 M.Horner, C.Magnussen, K.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Customer engine)O960740
73.Team 73 M.Wolff, T.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O960730
74.Team 72 M.Horner, C.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O960720
75.Team 71 M.Seidl, A.Latifi, N.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.HaasHonda (Factory engine)O930710
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121 Race 17 017
569 Abu Dhabi, UAE (11.12.2020-13.12.2020) 321

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