R17: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Team variations: (Most Points) - Race 17
Those team variations which would have achieved in a race the most points within the available budget are displayed below.
    Components   + / - Value Cash
Pos. Team Principal Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver 3 Chassis Engine T Pts. [M.] [M.] [M.]
1.Team 145 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Albon, A.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O15301450
2.Team 144 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Albon, A.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O15301440
3.Team 143 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O15301412
4.Team 142 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O15301411
5.Team 141 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O15301410
6.Team 140 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O15301400
7.Team 139 M.Seidl, A.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O15001390
8.Team 138 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Kvyat, D.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O14901380
9.Team 137 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Kvyat, D.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O14901370
10.Team 136 M.Tost, F.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O14701351
11.Team 135 M.Tost, F.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O14701350
12.Team 134 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alfa RomeoHonda (Factory engine)O14701340
13.Team 133 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Stroll, L.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O14401330
14.Team 132 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.WilliamsHonda (Factory engine)O14401320
15.Team 131 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.WilliamsHonda (Factory engine)O14401310
16.Team 130 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Kvyat, D.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O14401300
17.Team 129 M.Horner, C.Stroll, L.Norris, L.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O14201290
18.Team 128 M.Wolff, T.Norris, L.Kvyat, D.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O14201280
19.Team 127 M.Horner, C.Norris, L.Kvyat, D.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O14201270
20.Team 126 M.Wolff, T.Verstappen, M.Latifi, N.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O13901260
21.Team 125 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Latifi, N.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O13901250
22.Team 124 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.Alpha TauriHonda (Factory engine)O13901240
23.Team 123 M.Horner, C.Verstappen, M.Magnussen, K.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O13801230
24.Team 122 M.Wolff, T.Norris, L.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O13701220
25.Team 121 M.Horner, C.Norris, L.Raikkonen, K.Fittipaldi, P.McLarenHonda (Factory engine)O13701210
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121 Race 17 017
569 Abu Dhabi, UAE (11.12.2020-13.12.2020) 321

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