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About PFRL.net
During an American Football game on TV, sometimes in the Year 2001 a commentator of Austrian Television said something about playing Fantasy Football on the Internet.

So I started to play Fantasy Football. American Football is not very popular in Europe. That's the reason why I discovered Fantasy games for motorsports as an alternative.

I realized that only a few good and free Fantasy racing games are available on the Internet. This games are written without exception in English.

At the end of 2002 I developed my own concept for a German version of the game. At this time I thought to program the site by myself would be too difficult. So I sent the concept to the online portal of a big Austrian daily newspaper.

I never got an answer. End of June 2003 I decided to build the web site by my own.

PFRL.net is the result of my efforts. I hope that I am able to organize an exciting Fantasy racing season with many players and teams.

The German version is to find at www.PFRL.net. The web address of the English version is www.PFRL.net/en/. The previous season can be found at archiv.PFRL.net.

To take part in the PFRL.net competition is for free and the web site is free of ads. No prizes are awarded, but virtual trophies and titles like PFRL World Champion and PFRL Constructors World Champion can be won.

PFRL.net is a non-profit web site operated by a motor sports fan for motor sports fans from all over the world.
Why are the terms FX and Formula X used at the PFRL.net start page? Why are the login-, team- and league-names restricted?

The owner of the trademark rights generally does not permit the usage of their trademarks in an interactive game. PFRL.net respect this, in order to be able to continue the Fantasy Racing competition.
Special thanks to Phil Haigh and his web site www.fantasyracer.net. PFRL.net is based upon the main principle of his game, but it is a complete new development including many new ideas and features.

Because of the great support by a few players (Happyakrz, defcon1racing, itbracer, Heydi, Racer X, SARCO) a great many fantastic PFRL car liveries are now available.

Many Thanks to Piotr Kosinski (www.pk3d.com) for the permission to use his graphics for the PFRL car liveries of the season 2009 for free.

The graphics of the flags left beside the name of the races on the main page and the race calendar page are taken from:
Free Country Flags (Gang of the Coconuts) / CC BY-SA 3.0

The pictures on the main page are taken from the web page http://commons.wikimedia.org. Thanks to all of the photographers.

And of course many Thanks to all of the competitors.
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